The topic of transition planning is not the most enjoyable or easy topic around law firms. But it is critical, especially with a significant number of equity partners set to retire over the next decade. So why is transition planning so difficult for law firms?

The list of challenges to transition planning is a long one. Our eBook “Is It Possible to Transition a Small Law Firm” highlights 12 of the most significant ones we have found in working with small and mid-sized law firms. Some of these obstacles include:

  • Compensation Issues
  • Poor Firm Profitability
  • Inadequate Time
  • Greed and Selfishness
  • Client Reluctance
  • + 8 more obstacles

The only way to survive these challenges is to prepare for them and begin to address them now.  This eBook describes some of these challenges and outlines ways to mange and overcome them.  Of most importance, the book calls out to law firms to start the transition planning process early, to start it NOW.

Download the eBook Here:

Law Firm Transition PLanningWho is PerformLaw?

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